Introducing Austyn P. Belle Isle, APRN, CRNA

austyn belle isle

I am pleased to introduce you to a fellow injector and med spa owner, Dr. Austyn P. Belle Isle. Austyn is the owner of Lumia Med Spa. She will be sharing her insight and experience from time to time as she settles into her independent injection practice and Med Spa ownership.

Hey there! I’m Austyn, and I hail from flyover country. I own Lumia Med Spa in Columbia, Missouri. Aesthetic injection practice has become my passion –the place where I feel most fulfilled and at home in my work.

spa storefront
Spa Lumia


I came into the aesthetics world by way of nurse anesthesia. I began my aesthetics journey in 2020, after 13 years as a nurse. And after 11 years after joining the anesthesia profession. Though I still love anesthesia and genuinely enjoy what I do, I have always been someone who enjoys learning new things and keeping my mind and skills fresh. I have also always had an artistic bent that I’ve somewhat struggled to reconcile with my drive to pursue science and work with people in a way that I find meaningful.

Though the training for the anesthesia profession is intense and demanding, at this point in my career, the technical aspects of delivering a great anesthetic are very comfortable for me. Because of this, my greatest satisfaction now lies in what drew me to nursing in the first place: Helping people deal more effectively with the issue at hand in a way that makes them feel safe, seen, heard, and cared for. I have found that aesthetics is another way for me to deliver that care. Fine motor skills, in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and finesse with a needle all lend themselves to skilled and safe injection practice.

The Dream

Long before I ever got Botox injections myself, I had “joked” (do you ever joke when you are scared to admit to yourself that what you are really talking about are your hopes and dreams? Just me?) about owning a Med Spa. A place where people can be seen and heard and safe to take the steps they need to feel their best without guilt, shame, or stigma. A place where you can feel unequivocally honored. I took the leap and took my first aesthetics course amidst the pandemic. And in many ways, I haven’t looked back. I took the financial leap of purchasing a building to start my own aesthetics practice.

spa lumia
Spa Lumia, MO

Austyn P. Belle Isle looking forward

I want my clients to feel empowered and beautiful, inside and out. I want to help people let their Light shine. That is why I founded Lumia last year. I’m still small, just a one-woman show in the heart of Mid-Missouri. I’m fitting in my hours around my anesthesia schedule and family life. I may always be small –I’m seeing where things take me. This is the first endeavor of my career that hasn’t had a strictly linear progression. And I feel so lucky to be at a point in my life where I can let that happen. In light and gratitude, Austyn P. Belle Isle

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