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Welcome to Injectables EDU, your complete guide for getting started in the Injectables Industry. All medical professionals are welcome in the Injectables EDU community and AANP & AAPA CE-approved trainings! Advanced practice providers will find even more specific information to your unique role in aesthetics. Don’t know where to start? We’re here for you! We can provide a direct comparison of the nation-wide Botox™ and dermal filler courses offered, as well as all of the resources you’ll need to be successful in your state. Our team provides quality training both online and in-person to new injectors.

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Injectables EDU Botox™ Blogs provide the blueprint for your aesthetic business:

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The Supplies You Need to Start Your Botox Business

You need to have the right botox business supplies to have a successful injectables business – here are the most...
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It’s Smart to Start with a Botox™-ONLY Course

It's tempting to take Botox™ and Fillers together You're excited to get started with your aesthetics practice. You want to...
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What to Expect from Your Free Mentoring Call with Cassie

Book your free mentoring call with Cassie and talk about your specific situation and goals. No topic is off-limits! Having...
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How much does it cost to create a professional SEO-friendly website?

And what the heck is SEO, anyways? We've all heard the term SEO, and if you are lucky enough to...
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Naturally Rana: Rana Kennelly’s New Injector Advice

Rana Kennelly BSN, BSc, CANS was kind enough to sit down with Cassie Lane CRNA, DNAP to share her wisdom...
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How to Start a Botox™ Party Business

Are Botox Parties legal? This is a valid and common question. According to AmSpa's article on this topic, the answer...
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Supplies for Dermal Filler Injections

You need to have the right supplies for dermal filler injections. Before that, you need to know how! If you...
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Supplies Needed for Botox™ Injection

You need to have the right supplies to inject Botox™. Before that, you need to know how! If you haven't...
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How to prepare for Botox™ training

You want to make the most out of your Botox™ training class. Neurotoxin and filler training courses are a significant...
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How to figure out your state’s Botox™ injection laws

Believe it or not, this is not always simple. The Botox™ laws can be unclear, downright frustrating, and expensive to...
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Injector malpractice insurance: What to look for. Part I.

This is the first, in a two part “ Ask an Expert” series with Canyon Clifton about aesthetic injector malpractice...
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Botox™ Book: A Practical Guide to Botulinum Toxin Procedures

by Rebecca Small and Dalano Hoang If you are interested in a great starter botox book that is easy to...
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Founder of Injectables EDU

Cassie Lane started Injectables EDU to help new injectors understand, build and grow a successful aesthetics practice.  Cassie is passionate about supporting the community of injectors.  She wants to share her guide to achieving a successful injectables business.  Cassie knows first hand how difficult it is to break into this competitive industry, and wants to help build a community that builds strong providers and strong practices providing support and mentorship that makes the whole industry stronger.

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I just wanted to let you know that I think your online business course was amazing. It was exactly what I was looking for in regards to information about opening my own business. Your course was incredibly informative. Most of all, I appreciate how encouraging and transparent you are about your own mistakes you made when starting your own business. Your “learn from my mistakes” sections were my favorite part! Your online “tox” portion was easy to follow and very useful to have watched before training with you in-person. I highly recommend your course to anyone who might be interested in starting their own “tox” business. It’s completely worth it.

- Deanna M. Anselmo, PA

Training with Cassie allowed more of an intimate 1:1 training. She was attentive throughout while directly supervising and directing each step from reconstituting, marking and injecting after significant didactice time was spent with us. She has also been a wonderful continued resource for me as a new injector and aesthetic business owner.

- Bobby-Jo Lutner, CRNA

The Injectables Start-Up Package and the Policies and Procedures I purchased from Injectables EDU provided everything I needed to feel ready to open my doors with a strong infrastructure. The Medical Director Collaborative Agreement in the package saved me so much money and time. And the one-on-one call I had with Cassie really helped address the questions pertaining to my individual situation.

- Jason Anderson, NP

If you would like to start your own neurotoxin and dermal fillers business, you’ve found the right place. Let’s get started!


If you are a novice injector wanting to learn tips, tricks, and grow within the field – here’s some resources can benefit you.