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Cassie Lane
Founder Injectables EDU

Cassie Lane started Injectables EDU to help new injectors understand, build and grow a successful aesthetics practice. Cassie is passionate about supporting the community of injectors. She wants to share her guide to achieving a successful injectables business. Cassie knows first hand how difficult it is to break into this competitive industry, and wants to help build a community that builds strong providers and strong practices providing support and mentorship that makes the whole industry stronger.

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I’ve been a full-time CRNA since 2012. I’ve been interested in learning how to inject botox and start a side botox business for a couple of years. I found getting started was more confusing than it needed to be!

As I researched the exact path for how to start my aesthetic injectables practice and found the information out there vague and piecemeal. Just picking which class to take was a daunting task. Just Google “botox class” and you will see what a large selection there is out there.

Large companies across the country and world, small one-off courses, and online only options. These classes vary widely in how much CEs, hours, topics, hands on time, product offered and it goes on! Price is certainly not the only factor I was interested in comparing. I had a lot I wanted to learn from this class-not only how to skillfully and safely inject cosmetic botox but guidance on my state’s regulations, pricing, logistics of where and how to practice, partnering with a supervising MD, and more.

I had a lot to learn and wanted to use my time and money wisely. Yet, I couldn’t find any reviews of these courses. So I set out to help fix that. I also set out to share my path and the specific details of how one goes about starting a botox business from scratch. I hope my story, tips, and info will make this undertaking more understandable to the next clinician.

Interview of Cassie Lane, NP, DNAP