Learn how to start a botox business. Welcome to Injectables EDU! My name is Cassie Lane. I’m a CRNA who set out to start an aesthetic injectables business.


My first step was to google “How to start a Botox business?” The answers I found to this were very vague and always pedaling something.

The second thing I googled was, “Botox training courses”. To my surprise, I found pages of results for botox and filler training courses offered nationwide. Then I had the natural question of, “Which course is right for me?”. So, I googled, “Botox course comparison” and found NOTHING.

I’ve been in the medical field long enough to acutely realize quality of care is based on the individual provider’s skill. And not all training is the same. I started to try to compare the information I could find on the most prominent companies’ websites. It was overwhelming. I found that to get an idea of what a course was about and get real answers as far as cost, products provided, and content covered, it took a very pointed conversation.

I decided other people must have the same questions as me.  Comparing these courses became a rabbit hole of information. So, I jumped in an made it my mission to make a clear table comparing these big courses to each other. Apples to apples. In completing this, I learned a lot about this niche education market and the aesthetic injectables industry overall.  

Why are there so many Botox™ courses?

There is a reason there are so many botox and filler courses. That is because at a thousand plus dollars a student, there is a lot of money to be made. There are very few regulations surrounding training required for injecting neurotoxin and filler. There is no specific injectables certification or training a clinician must have to perform this procedure. In some states a Medical Assistant (MA) can perform these injections under the supervision of a doctor. And in some states the definition of an MA is the doctor giving them the job-not any medical training. This is a fairly unregulated field. And therefore quality training is not a guarantee.

When you are performing a medical procedure that can, in fact, have dire consequences it is imperative that a clinician obtain a strong foundation before touching a patient. Specifically for physicians and nurse practitioners, a hands-on class will often be the only instruction they have before entering into their own independent practice with very limited resources or mentors. We all know even as doctors and nurses there is plenty of on-the-job training and trial and error. The burden here is to make sure even as novices we are first doing no harm. Choosing a quality course to learn this skill is the first step of this duty.

What can I expect to find here?

The next step after building foundational knowledge is to continue to grow your skill and knowledge. My goal of starting Injectables EDU site is to help clinicians interested in entering into botox and fillers get the clear and detailed information they need to figure out how to find a training course, safely and profitably get started, and grow. Let’s get started together!

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