How much does it cost to start a Botox™ business?

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Typical costs incurred to start an aesthetics practice

Plan to make a sizable upfront investment to start even a one-man side hustle as far as cost to start a botox business as well as dermal filler injections. They say you need money to make money, right? Well it seems this is the case when starting an aesthetics business. I’m sharing my personal up-front expenses to give anyone interested in this business a realistic idea what to expect. I’ve rounded and generalized as needed-as my exact costs will not be the exact same as the next person’s.

What costs are not included in this list

  • Collaborating physician fee: Contractually, I cannot disclose the exact amount paid to collaborate with a physician. This may be a monthly flat-fee paid or a percentage. I will point out that a flat-fee is preferable for a number of reasons. Not least of all, in many states fee-splitting is not legal. It can get dicey with anti-kick back laws. Just something to consider with your fee agreement structure. If you need to team up with a physician know that will be an additional significant expense. It is not necessarily an upfront cost, but must be considered when looking at profit.
  • The cost of neurotoxin and filler. That will vary widely based on how many patients you are seeing. This is a reoccurring cost that I do not consider an upfront cost, but it is surely not insignificant. A 100 unit vial of Botox costs about $600 and a 1cc syringe of filler starts at about $250 up to about $450. Again this cost will factor into your overall profit.
  • Renting a space to perform dermal filler injections: If you decide to include fillers in your practice, you will need a space to do this. HA fillers are a sterile procedure that should not be done in someone’s home. This could be using your own office (not your home), renting a room in a salon, etc. This can vary greatly in price and situation, but should be considered.

Things to consider with the cost to start a Botox™ business

  • Your course may be reimbursed by your job if you have continuing education money available to you
  • All these expenses are write offs on your taxes as part of you LLC!

My expenses summarized before injecting a single patient

  • Neurotoxin and business course: $2200
  • Fillers course: $1700
  • Travel expenses for course: $250
  • Text books: $300
  • Malpractice insurance (1 year): $2400
  • Lawyer fees to draw up collaborative agreement: $3000
  • Filing state and federal LLC: $350
  • Website creation with bluehost: $350
  • Product-only locked refrigerator: $100
  • Product travel cooler with lock: $25
  • Start up supplies: $300
  • Hyaluronic acid filler reversal: $350

Grand total: $10,975

Start-up costs for a botox business thoughts

Even as I review my lists, I’m sure there are some fees I’ve left off! I’d say as a general rule of thumb, be prepared to spend about $10k to get your little side business up and running. By the time you factor in, say $3000 for a collaborating MD and product that costs hundreds of dollars a pop, don’t hold your breath for much (if ANY) profit your first year.

This is not to dissuade anyone from pursuing their path to start a botox business. My hope is to help you plan accordingly when you do. As time goes on, you should build up more clients and more income. Your educational expenses will likely be less in future years. Although, don’t assume the educational cost will disappear. Continuing to learn and grow your skills is important. More than likely, you will want to take an advanced course a number of years going forward.

You can make money for sure in this growing industry. Not to mention it is a lot of fun to be a part of! Just be realistic about the time and money it takes to get started. I’ve not talked to entrepreneur who said the path was easy, and this business is no exception.

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