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How much does it cost to create a professional SEO-friendly website?

And what the heck is SEO, anyways?

We’ve all heard the term SEO, and if you are lucky enough to know it stands for Search Engine Optimization, then you are ahead of most medical professionals! But this ominous yet generic-sounding term is just as important as being a skilled injector. Imagine this, you’ve done it…you’ve opened the doors to your aesthetic practice. Wow, such an accomplishment! You’ve learned a new skill, you’ve found a name for your baby, you’ve injected all your friends and family who are brave enough! Now, it’s time to let the clients flood in. If you build it, they will come you tell yourself. WRONG…

Sad, but true. Doing all the incredibly difficult work to open your business like researched your state laws, obtained malpractice, taken a quality training course, gotten all your botox supplies, and poured your heart and soul into your fledgling business will not bring those clients through the door. Do you know what does? GOOGLE! Word of mouth is great. But it won’t build and sustain a strong practice in my honest opinion and experience.

Should you build your own website or hire it out?

This is a resounding, “Hire it out!!!” Just like we are the clinical experts who should be trusted with the needle, there are tech experts whose job is to master websites and SEO. Your time should be invested in learning new skills and growing your business, not trying to make a crappy website on WIX. If you are going to invest in one thing from the very beginning, it is your website. Complete aside, if you are going to invest in 2 things, I’d recommend a very nice injecting chair (I have the Radi Plus Chair). Some things will save you more money to do it right the first time.

Most spa owners, including myself, have been through multiple website “guys”. Spoiler alert, it always takes WAYYY longer than they say it will, and they mess up about half the content. There are promises about SEO, yet it just doesn’t seem to work. You will also get cold calls over Instagram and your email from companies who “have noticed your business and can get you to the first page of Google.”

One other factor to consider is, you don’t want to hire a web company that is also doing the SEO for another competing spa in your area. That’s a conflict of interest for that website marketing company. You are going to want to have ongoing SEO support as Google is always changing its algorithm or the rules to go by for SEO. Spas pay lots of money to get new clients in a variety of ways, but the primary marketing tool for your business is your website!

How can you find a good webite developer who delivers on SEO?

This is a costly question. As every time you team up with a dead-end it costs you time and money. Referrals are key. If you know another spa owner in a different area who absolutely loves their website guys, then take a meeting with them. Your web developer doesn’t need to be local to you.

Look at their portfolio of websites. Are they dynamic and pleasing to the eye? Does it make you want to go to that spa? Most importantly, speak to references of those websites about what type of traffic they are receiving.

Ask the web designer for trackable data that you can see about site traffic, lead generation, and any other metrics the web developers will share with you. Can they explain how they manage SEO, and manage your websites in a way that makes sense to you?

How much does a website cost?

A high-quality website is going to cost you a couple of thousand dollars minimum, up to $5,000 or $6,000. It takes a lot of man-hours to create a website and implement quality content. Then expect $1,000 or $2,000 thousand a month for ongoing SEO management. And even at these price points, there is no guarantee you will be happy with the results. Sounds like trying to find an amazing injector, huh?! Bottom line, do your homework. I can’t stress enough how crucial this role is for the success of your business. Consider setting hard deadlines with written language about what will happen if the website is not delivered in the agreed-upon timeline. Spoiler alert, our recommended company charges a lot less to build your website from scratch.

Injectables EDU recommends EKWA Marketing

I’ve been around the block with website creation and SEO. If you are lucky enough that EKWA Marketing doesn’t already work with a direct competitor in your city, I recommend checking them out. I first discovered EKWA by listening to the CEO explain SEO (hey it rhymes!) on the Business of Aesthetics Podcast. Naren Arulrajah, the CEO, breaks down the 5 elements of SEO in the clearest way I have ever heard. It’s worth a listen!

When I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Naren for the Business of Aesthetics Podcast I immediately connected with him as a fellow entrepreneur who is fiercely passionate about his business. Offline he gave me a rundown of my own website which was eye-opening. He explained to me how EKWA has made aesthetic practices and medical office websites SEO their niche. And they have it down to a science at this point after about 20 years in this business.

Meet the EKWA Marketing team

I choose the companies who I partner with and recommend at Injectables EDU very carefully. My personal experience of the challenges and lack of information when starting in this industry is what pushed me to create Injectables EDU. And, I don’t take the privilege of helping our community of injectors for granted. When I find a fellow business that wants to support the aesthetics community and I have a personal experience working together, I’m happy to spread the word. It all comes back to building a community by sharing resources. The benefit you will reap from having a community of trusted injectors, friends, and experiences benefits the whole industry. With that, I’ll introduce Naren Arulrajah and Lila Stone of EKWA Marketing in this great interview about SEO! See the full transcript below the video.

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Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

Welcome injectables EDU community today. I’m here with Naren Arulrajah, CEO of Ekwa Marketing, and I’m also here with Lyla Stone, the director of marketing for Ekwa. Naren has over 15 years of experience helping practices dominate digital marketing. He’s the co-host of the Business of Aesthetics podcast. He recently did a podcast titled five things you need to know to dominate SEO, in which she broke down SEO in a clearer-cut way than I have ever heard. And I’ve listened to a fair amount of podcasts giving tips on this topic. And I usually walk away a little bit more confused than I was going in. I highly recommend that everybody checks this episode out. He was really enthusiastic, and he’s passionate, and they really have a niche practice in creating and managing doctor’s offices in the static practices, websites. Laila is his right-hand woman and is a point person for providers looking to learn more about website creation, management and SEO optimization. I’m so appreciative that you guys came on today to talk with me. I really appreciate it. I know that the injectables EDU community is going to get a bunch out of this. So thank you for being here.

Naren Arulrajah – CEO of Ekwa Marketing

Thank you so much, Cassie, for inviting us. I’m really looking forward to this conversation. And, of course, I enjoyed interviewing you on the podcast about Botox parties. That was awesome. You know, it created a lot of engagement.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

It did. Yeah, we started a little controversy on that one, but hey, that’s good. It’s good to have open lines of communication, and then the community will get started. So my first question for you started as a solo entrepreneur; just like pretty much everybody in this injectables EDU community, you’ve grown a ton, and now you have a pretty large marketing company. Can you talk a bit about your experience building your own business and how you ended up on the path of helping medical providers?

Naren Arulrajah – CEO of Ekwa Marketing

Absolutely. So I’m, I’m 46, and I have two daughters. One is 18, and the other one is 15. So, going back to 2001, I got fired for the fourth time in a row. My background is in computer science. So I ended up working in software companies, and my last job was director of product management. And I realized at that moment that I’m not cut out to work for somebody else. And I told my wife, we were just newly married, and like less than a year, I told her that, you know, if I get fired again, I think I’ll probably get depressed, and something bad will happen. And I said you know what? I need to do something on my own. And so back then, you know, I noticed I hated traveling, like being away from my daughter, like my daughter was like, she was born in 2002. 

So I hated traveling, you know, I got fired three months after I think she was born. So I wanted to do something from home. So I ended up buying a website called busy moms, which is a website for moms. And we got really good at driving traffic through SEO and, like most entrepreneurs who are figuring it out on their own, meaning they don’t have any parents or some mentors or some support, I learned by making mistakes. So between 2002 to 2007, I call it my learning by screwing up years. So hand to out, you know, paying the bills, like barely like somehow surviving. My wife was working. So she was supporting the family. I was not making a dime and contributing to the family, but thank God my wife is supportive, and you know, she had the patience to stick it out. 

But then finally in 2007, things got really bad. What happened is U S market crashed, and the slope, the small website that was getting 200,000 people coming to it every month couldn’t attract advertisers anymore because they were scared. So when people get scared, they pull back. So what did they do? They go to the safe bet. So who is the safe bet at the time when it comes to digital? It’s Google, you know, it’s like the number one provider. So everybody said, I’m going to put all my money into Google. I’m not going to support the small websites. Right at that moment, I was talking to a healthcare provider, a dentist to be exact. And he’s like, you guys are so good at SEO; why don’t you help me with it? So he was in Chicago. So we started working with him, and we crushed the competition. 

That was our slogan back then. Of course the world has changed a lot. It’s no longer just about SEO. It’s about, you know, helping people find you and then influencing them. So they choose you. So that’s what we ended up doing. So from 2007, till now, we have been growing consistently, and we are like 174 full-time people company. We have clients in pretty much five different countries, all English-speaking countries. And most of our clients are in the US, and we specialize in healthcare providers, specifically private practice healthcare providers. So that’s dermatologists, med spa owners, injectors, dentists, and other types of, you know, pay per service, health care providers. But those are the main markets, you know, aesthetics and dentistry. So those are the two main markets we serve.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

It’s interesting. Cause I feel like so many entrepreneurs that you meet and the most successful people, the one thing in common is this history of failures that you didn’t stop at and that you kept going. And then you finally found in all of those, you know, quote-unquote failures are what gave you the skillset to really be amazing and the venture that does take off. So I just feel like it’s a good reminder for those in the beginning of our careers to make sure, to keep pushing and, and have that perseverance, and speaking of that, it is just interesting. So as a new injector, you worked so hard to learn the skill of injecting. It’s a lot of work, getting everything set up, navigating the legalities, opening up all the accounts, so you’re finally ready to inject. You have the skills; you have all the business ends set up, you’re ready to take on your first clients. 

And then you realize nobody knows about you, and it’s this very rude awakening. When you realize that you’re actually up to an even bigger challenge at this point, which is how do people know that you exist? And you really cracked me up? Would we talk? Um, and you said, you know, nobody knows you, nobody likes you. And it’s true because you’re ready. You have this great service, you’re passionate, you’re ready to safely and enthusiastically inject, and nobody knows how to find you. So where, where do you come in with equity and kind of help out with that?

Naren Arulrajah – CEO of Ekwa Marketing

Absolutely. And the person who I got to learn a lot from, he’s no longer here, he passed away. His name is Chad Holmes, and he had a few things that he said that really stuck with me and made an impression on my life. He said that the most successful businesses don’t do a thousand things or 10,000 things; ten times they do 10 things, 10,000 times. So he really made me understand to succeed. You know, that’s in the first five years when I was failing, I was listening to him and a few others to succeed. You need to figure out what those 10 things are that you want to do 10,000 times and you need to become good at it. So what I realized is that aesthetic practices, marketing is one of those ten things. In other words, how do I make the phone ring consistently day in and day out? And it becomes like a machine store just every single day; you get 10, 15, 20 calls in a month, a hundred, 200, 300 calls. So that became something that we focused on. And when I started working with this first doctor and then with other doctors, I realized it became more and more. It’s a huge part of their success. The successful doctors had an amazing marketing machine that was working for them. So that’s kind of how I got into it. Did I answer your question?

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

Yeah, I think just that it seems like you do understand what it’s like for somebody to be kind of just starting in, trying to find clients when you’re a medical provider, and that ties in with SEO. And I don’t want to deep dive into SEO with you today because of your podcasts on the business of aesthetics, where your co-host interviewed you about SEO. The one I referred to, I’m going to put a link to that for everybody to listen to. There’s no reason to reinvent that because you already took almost an hour, really deep diving into SEO. And I want everybody to listen to that. But can you just kind of break it down in a brief overview? Some of the stuff you’ve talked about in your podcast about the five elements of SEO. 

Naren Arulrajah – CEO of Ekwa Marketing

Absolutely. Before I talk about SEO, let me step back and define what marketing is. Marketing in a couple of sentences is helping people find you and then influencing them. So they choose you. It’s helping your potential customers find you and then influencing them. So they choose you. So how do we help people find you? That’s where SEO and Google come in today 95% of the time, when people need something, they just Google it. Google is used 6 billion times a day before COVID it was around 3 billion times a day. Now it’s 6 billion times a day, every single day. So if you want to dominate marketing, and if you want to get lots of phone calls, I’m going to give you a case study. So one of our clients, he’s the co-founder of the business of aesthetics community, Jeff Richmond. He has been a client from 2008. 

Today he’s seen 11,360 times in the month of June, 2021. And in that single month, he was seen 111,000 times for a total of 5,597 search terms. And out of those 5,597 search terms in 957 on the first page of Google, 957 keywords are showing up in the top 10 results, meaning this particular practice is showing up in the top 10 results. That turns into 695 phone calls in a single month. So 695 phone calls, typically 20% of new patient calls. So he’s getting 140 new patient calls in a month. So how did all this happen? And the top of the pyramid is how many times is he seen on Google, 111,000 times. And for a total of 957 search terms, he’s on page one. So just to kind of give you a highlight, like Cassie was mentioning, we’ve done a deep dive podcast, and you can listen to the whole thing. 

I’m going just to highlight the top five things you need to do to dominate SEO. Number one, Google lighthouse score. So Google has this tool, and you can download it. It’s called the Google lighthouse tool, and you can install it into your Chrome browser. That’ll tell you page by page, how Google thinks of you. They have four different areas they look at, and in each one, you want to get a 90 or higher score. Most websites don’t do that. So therefore in that category of things, Google is looking at, you’re not going to be given good pints, and when you don’t get good points and Google lighthouse score, you’re not going to rank high. So Google lighthouse score is really important. 

The next one is Google EAT. Google EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trust. Specifically for healthcare providers, wants to make sure that the person associated with the website is an expert. 

So adding a bio in a certain way on every page, bio that mentions where you got your degree from what kind of qualifications you have, and what kind of memberships you have is critical. So you want to make sure you’re doing that. So Google, when it looks at it, they see you as an authority and therefore, they are willing to rank your content. The second one is authority. Authority means yes, there are many other people who can do Botox, but what makes you special? So we built a platform called video 360, where we feature leaders of aesthetic practices and where we do videos with them. And then we take those videos on video 360 and highlight it on your website. So now Google says, Hey, you know what? This person is not only an expert, but he also, or she also is an authority because they have videos of them explaining things on other websites, finally trust. 

So we painstakingly go through your Google reviews and find 11 reviews and add it to the 11 pages. So when Google let’s say, wants to rank you for a particular page, you know, let’s say an injectable, and that is a review that talks about that, particularly injectable and how you did an amazing job with it. Now Google says, oh, you know what? This person is really good at this particular service. Therefore, I’m going to give them a little bit extra points. So that’s Google EAT. 

So we covered Google lighthouse score and we covered Google EAT. So you want to make sure you have a team that’s working on these things. Next comes Google quality backlinks. So Google looks at how many websites are linking to you and the quality of those websites. They look at it in four dimensions. They look at security. They look at, you know, is that particular site has a high score, is that site indexed on Google. So you want to have a team that’s constantly getting quality links to all the pages on your website that you care about, and also constantly removing bad links from all the pages on your website . So this is again like something that has to happen on an ongoing basis, just like the other two. 

I mentioned fourth on the list is NAP. It stands for name, address, phone number consistency. So for Jeff Richmond’s thrive Portland website, we are managing more than a hundred nap websites. When we started, even Google and Facebook didn’t have consistent information. So you want to make sure that every website that has information about your business has the same phone number, same name, and exact address. When I say the same, everything has to be exactly the same to a dark all the way up to a space. 

So over time, what we do is we clean up these issues with one site, two sites, three sites, and eventually a hundred sites. Why is this important? Each one of those nap sites will send you phone calls and traffic, plus the higher your nap school the better you do on Google. So all these things I’m talking about are things Google cares about that you need to pay attention to. 

The fifth tip is original content. Google has all kinds of rules of what it considers good original content and bad original content. The number of words, even if a paragraph or even a sentence is copied on somebody else’s website, you will get penalized. You will be put in the Google jails. So we have a team that’s constantly writing original content and then also cleaning up content because when you are ranking, as well as you know, some of our clients are others will copy you. 

So when that happens, we don’t want to send them a threatening legal letter. It just takes too long. We go ahead and rewrite that paragraph they copied. So you’re not getting penalized by Google because somebody else copied us. So these are the five key things you want to pay attention to when it comes to SEO. 

Two bonus tips, Google reviews, you need to be the number one person in your area in terms of Google reviews. 

Finally, master Google analytics because Google gives you so much information, and you need to understand it, or you need to have somebody, your marketing partner, understanding and leveraging it.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

Awesome. Yeah, that’s a good breakdown. I know, I look at my Google analytics, and I’m like, it means it. Yeah. It’s hard to; you have all this information, and it’s like how to break it down into something useful is harder than it feels like it should be. Laila, thank you so much. You’re patiently waiting. I definitely didn’t forget about you. I’m excited that you’re here because you’re the person that people like me really deal with the most. When we do, when we’re talking with Ekwa Marketing, what I want to really hear Lila is how a brand new. if I’m a brand new injector, I don’t have a website yet. I’ve just learned Botox and am kind of ready to roll. How can you help somebody who is a single provider? And they’re just getting started.

Lila Stone – Director of Marketing

Hey, well, I want you to quote a line for the miss quoted line from the field of dreams, build it, and they will come. That does not apply to your practice. You build it, you have this gorgeous practice, no patients. Now you have some people laid out. It’s easy to think. Well, I’m just going to cut corners and get my sister-in-law’s best friend’s teenage son to build my website. What you’re doing is you’re creating yourself a world of problems. There are so many things like Naren had just laid out, everything that needs to be done, right with nap, thing of all those profiles, you have 20 different variants of your address. It’s important to do it right the first time. And that’s where we come in. We will build you the website that meets all of Google’s standards, the original content, your nap is done correctly. 

All of these different things that need to be done will be done the way it should be to where you’re not going back and fixing it. I have had the talk that a lot of people who’ve had the misfortune of going the cheaper route. Well, I’m going to cut a few corners in here and have my nephew do it. Nephews might know a little bit about coding and websites, but sadly not how to do it, to get your patients in. So that’s where we come into play. We know what we need to do to get your website built right. The first time, or we can build up marketing. It’s all about building, building blocks. It gets stronger and bigger, the longer you’re doing it. And so when you build it right in the first place, you’re just going to keep growing and getting better.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

And I think it’s hard when you’re first getting started up because there is, so many expenses going out at the beginning, and one thing, because I do know about how you guys work. One thing that I do like is that you make it so somebody who is brand new actually can afford to have you guys make the website and also incorporate and get rolling on all this SEO stuff. Because from my personal experience, I know you’re looking at typically easily three to $5,000 to have somebody build a website for you. And you’re looking at them, maybe they give it up in six months. It’s just the truth. Like we’ve been there most spa owners that I talked to, but we’ve not only been through, you know, one website guy or two or three. And it’s like that saying, it cost so much more to go back and fix something than it does to do it right the first time. 

And I think most of us, especially with IT stuff, because we’re not experts. If you’re not landing with the right person, it ends up costing more in the long run. So I just want to focus a little bit on maybe can somebody afford this who’s brand new and almost to say like, how could you almost can’t afford not to address this as the other thing, if you don’t have a well-functioning website, you will not make any money and you won’t have clients. It’s just like the sad truth. It’s the same idea of, of Instagram and Facebook. I tell new injectors, if there’s no option to not do Instagram and Facebook, like it’s a must, don’t do this. If you’re, if you’re not going to, so how can a new provider. Can you talk a little bit maybe about the setup, and making it affordable your services for somebody who’s brand new?

Lila Stone – Director of Marketing

For somebody that’s brand new, we will walk them through the entire process, making it simple. One of the things that you go to medical school, you learn how to do this. You don’t know marketing. And that’s where we come into play making it’s easy for people to comprehend what they need to do. As far as pricing goes, it’s $1,400 a month flat. You’ll never see a fee increase. We walk our clients into the right they signed for. And so you don’t have to worry about anything else. There’s no setup fees, nothing like that. We’re not charging three to $5,000 for the website and then several thousand dollars a month to maintain it. And it’s all inclusive. Everything somebody needs is included in that package, from the nap, the content, helping you with your Google reviews, everything you need to be able to rank on Google is included in that package.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

That’s awesome. For somebody, a lot of content, like that cause sucks up a lot of your time. I love doing it, but it’s, you know, writing the little ins and outs of how a device works and stuff like that on your webpage. And it’s also not my passion. So what were you going to say there Naren?

Naren Arulrajah – CEO of Ekwa Marketing

I was going to say that number gets better and better over time because like Jeff, he was getting a hundred phone calls, then he got 150. Now he’s getting 650. So it’s like wine. The older it gets because what we did last month helps us this month. What we did two years ago helps us today. So the longer we stay with the client, the better they get, the ROI gets. And the other thing I would recommend is Laila spends quite a bit of time researching before we do a marketing strategy meeting. So first, before we even look at a client, we make sure we can take them on. There’s no competition in that area, who’s our client. And then if that is true, then she would look at you, your competition. And then she would help come up with like a 12 month plan. Step-by-step here are the goals, here are the things we want to be achieving in nap & lighthouse, call all those things. This is where you are today. I don’t want to generalize, but a lot of times, most people who become our clients, they don’t have 174 team with 1400 departments working on their marketing day in and day out. So usually all these areas I talked about in like an F or a D minus level, and usually, we start working on it and improving it and improving it.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

Yeah. And you would build up slowly. So if you’re a brand new, you know, you also don’t have to worry about getting 600 phone calls the first month either. It’s going to keep building as you grow. So it’s good that you have that ability that every month is building on itself and gradually growing up to getting those higher volume calls. The idea of getting a website actually put out in two months because you guys do so many of them and have it down to an exact science is great because when you’re ready to get started, you really can’t start until you have that website. You’re not really started until people can vet you and even if they hear from your sister-in-law how great you are, then they’re going to go get on Google and they’re going to try and find you. And if there’s no website and you don’t have booking capabilities and stuff, that’s not going to happen. Um, What do you think sets Ekwa Marketing in your experience apart from other website builders and marketing companies? 

Lila Stone – Director of Marketing

Oh, well that is a big question because there are so many things. One of the things I think that sets us apart is our teams. We have 14 teams broken down into sub teams. So rather than dealing with one person who knows a little bit about what you have, all of these different people who are experts in their area, yes, everybody knows what the other teams do, but they can focus on their slice of the pie. And also we are about relationships rather than dealing with all 14 different teams. You are assigned a client coordinator who is your go-to person. We do not have a website where you go file your support, ticket and hope that somebody actually understands your issue. You have that go-to person who knows who you are, they see your name and your email, and they know details in their head because they understand they only deal with a small number of clients. So our teams are experts. We’re able to do all the heavy lifting. So your brains can focus on running their practice, treating their patients, rather than trying to micromanage their marketing. We don’t ask our clients to do a lot. We do 90% of the work, all the heavy lifting. We just need a little bit of input and help from our clients.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

Knowing what I know about you guys. I really I don’t team up or pair up with companies lightly. And I only go make these connections with people, and it’s people who run companies, who love what they do and are putting out a good product. And that is truly why I’ve decided to team up with Ekwa Marketing because I believe in the product. I get people emailing me daily to my website, marketing companies I mean you get bombarded, you know as somebody just out there on the internet. Naren, what advice do you have for new business owners? When it comes to finding their path, then generating success?

Naren Arulrajah – CEO of Ekwa Marketing

Yeah, I think I have a few points. One is, one of the books that influenced me in the early days is a book called E-Myth. And one of the things he talks about; He is the CEO of IBM. And he said; the CEO of IBM, who really made IBM great; went to work every day, visualizing what IBM should be like five years from now and then creating that IBM today. So, in other words, pulling it towards him today. So for example, one of the slogans of IBM is nobody gets fired for buying from IBM. So what does that mean? Okay, everybody’s wearing a suit, I’m talking in the fifties, So this is not 2020, but in those days, you know, the suit, the consistency, you know, standing behind their products. So same way, have a vision, have a dream, you know, visualize where you want to be 5 to 10 years from now and then figure out the pieces that are going to make that happen. 

And I do think if you want to build a successful med spa or any kind of aesthetic business, you want to have marketing as one of those checklists. And what we like to do is to become partners with our clients. And many of our clients have been with us from the day they started like 10 years, 12 years. So I would recommend, you know, success is not overnight, but it’s 10 years in the making or 15 years in the making. It usually doesn’t happen tomorrow. So if you are, long-term thinking, and if you are willing to stick with the things that’s critical to success day in and day out, and you partner with the right people who are going to help you along the way, whether it’s your team members or whether it’s external parties, everybody wins. So that’s my recommendation. And I didn’t notice the first five years that’s why I stumbled a lot, but one of the lessons I learned was, you know, have a vision, create the right partners and then stick with the critical, important things.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

Awesome. Well, thank you guys for your partnership with injectables EDU, and thank you so much for letting me interview you for the website today. Great to talk with you.

Naren Arulrajah – CEO of Ekwa Marketing

Absolutely. And I think if I could make one last comment, Laila is amazing. She has been with us for close to 10 years now, and she knows better than anybody, what we do and how we do it. And she knows all the people. So I would strongly recommend whether you work with us or not set up a marketing strategy meeting with Layla and, you know, see, what you learned from it. She and our teams are going to spend around six hours upfront. So you get a ton of value just from that meeting. And whether you work with us or not, you need to understand how marketing works and how to succeed. So you can pay attention to the critical things. That way you can make sure, like when you work with other people, you need to know what’s important and what you need to manage. So you can make sure that your nap is improving. You can make sure your backlinks are improving. So I strongly recommend meeting with Lila.

Cassie Lane – Founder of Injectables EDU

Yeah. That’s very eye-opening. It’s a little rough, but it’s good because it’s eye-opening and there’s no way that you can talk with Laila, I think for an hour and not learn a ton about, what you need to be doing for your business. So thank you guys for that offer and yeah, we will talk; I’m sure I’ll have more IT questions that I’ll want to have you guys back again soon. All right. Thank you, everybody

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