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You need to have the right supplies to inject Botox™. Before that, you need to know how! If you haven’t seen the Botox™ Comparison Chart, check it out and find a class to get trained. If you are local in the Virginia area you can even get trained on tox with me! See my services for a description of consulting and training opportunities. Really any state that requires a Medical Director will highly benefit from my Start-Up Consulting Package. Once you get the proper training, these are the supplies needed for botox injection. Also check out Supplies Needed for Dermal Filler Injections.

I will note here that the book I recommend to reference for botox injections is Rebecca Smalls, A Practical Guide to Botulinum Toxin. See my review of the book. It’s geared toward non-core physicians and easy to digest.

What’s in my Tox Toolbox?

There are pre-made injection kits that exist out there. You will pay a premium for that convenience, and it’s really not necessary. You will want to compare prices and performance on each product you use in your toolbox. I’ll share what I personally use and where to get it. Certain products you will need to open medical supply accounts, but many items can be found more cost-effective on amazon. Here’s my toolbox that I carry to in-home botox group sessions. You can buy the exact one here.

botox tool box
My Tox Toolbox

What do I keep inside?

I like the size of this toolbox as it is fairly small and light. It works great for grab and go storage of the supplies needed for botox injection. You can easily fit enough supplies to work a day at the office or a botox party. It opens up to have multiple trays inside that I can access during my treatments easily for any extra supplies I may need. Ironically, clients tell me frequently that they like my “toolbox”. Maybe the neighbors even will think I’m a contractor!

botox supplies top
top lifts up

I like this little extra space. I use the lifted clear top area to keep some mini-freezable ice packs*, ammonia tab*, and church key*.

The mini-freezable ice packs* are great for the patient to hold on the upper lip before a lip flip or really any site. I include these in my post-filler kits for people to use to ice with at home. They are great because it’s a clean ice pack, not been used in the kids lunches the day before!

I keep a single ammonia tab* inhalant just in case I get someone who passes out. This hopefully will sit in your toolbox collecting dust! After all, it’s nice to have just in case.

Having a church key* to open your vials works great. There are fancier bottle decappers, but just starting out it’s not necessary. Just be careful when you take the tops off, slowly go around the whole vial being careful not to shard the glass. The whole rubber stopper and metal rim on the top of the vial will pop out nicely.

top shelf botox supplies
Top tier of Tox Toolbox

Alcohols swabs*- You’ll want to find the larger size alcohol swabs if you can. The Medline alcohol prep pads are good as well.

Bacteriostatic saline- This will need to be purchased through a medical supplier, i.e. Medline and McKesson. You will want the bacteriostatic saline, NOT preservative-free. It is the industry standard.

Insulin syringes- My preferred syringes are are the Easy Touch brand. I use both 0.5 ml syringes* and 0.3 ml syringes* sizes. For the 0.5 ml insulin syringes you may prefer the 1/2 in length which is harder to find. You can buy these supplies from multiple medical suppliers.

Gauze*- I prefer the non-woven 2 in X 2 in types.

Disposable headbands*- These are great to be able to keep the hair out of the face. You do not want these headbands to be too tight. If they are, it will create a lifting effect on the face. That can distort your anatomy and affect treatment.

Needle clippers*- These are such a neat little way to deal with your smaller gauge needles. This will not work on anything over a 30g needle. But, for mobile botox injections, it works perfect and holds 1000 needle tips.

White eyeliner pencil*- This is a great tool for marking the face. Do not use a dark color pen, etc. that will not be easily wiped away. You’ll need a sharpener as well. Remember you don’t inject through these marks as to not drag it under the skin.

Lidocaine topical*- I don’t use this lower strength often, but it is helpful for any injections around the lip. Put it on when you clean the skin at the beginning of your procedure and by the time you are ready to inject that site, it should be a bit numb. In addition, Make sure to wipe off and re-clean the site prior to injection. Ice cube works well as well tucked in a disposable glove.

Beauty bar*- These little vibrating bars can be placed on the patient’s clavicle as a great distraction. Gate-theory of pain anyone?!

bottom tray botox supplies to inject
Lower level of Tox Toolbox

Face wipes*- These are great for make-up removal after a day of work, working-out, etc. In addition, I use this as a general cleanser before using the alcohol to clean my injections areas.

Mirror*- You’ll want one that fits in your toolbox. However, not a bad idea to keep an extra in case one gets dropped. I give the mirror to my clients when we are talking about treatment plan.

Gloves*- SensiCare Nitrile gloves are good. You can get these off Medline. Most importantly, You are changing gloves frequently and washing or hand sanitizing so you want to get a type you can fairly easily get-on and off.

Dental bibs*- I set up a new one of these with every client and set up my supplies on top. They provide a nice clean surface with a bit of water-repelling properties. It’s great to place on top of a table or surface as needed for in-home tox sessions as well.

Business cards- I got mine off of vistaprint. You want to get good quality in your cards. You are selling a luxury item, and even your card should reflect that.

N95 mask- You will want to wear an N95 when you inject. Keep in mind, many injection treatment areas make it impractical for your client to wear a mask during treatment.

Ear-saver if you want to give your poor little ears a break, I highly recommend for even short sessions of wearing your mask.

botox cooler
Travel Cooler and Ring Light

Travel Cooler*- This cooler has 4 freezer packs as well as specific little pocket holders for vials. It’s a great size, you can fit multiple boxes/vials of tox in here. Add a lock to the the zipper.

Mini Ring Light*- This little ring light clips right onto your iPhone or iPad. It’s great for traveling purposes. This is not going to cut it for stellar before and after photos, but it helps when you are traveling light. Not always reasonable to have a full-on ring light! See the Supplies Needed for Filler Injections post for more on the Neewer Ring Light I recommend for before-and-after photos.

Temperature monitoring*- It’s important to log the temperatures of your refrigerator. I like the which is a temperature monitor connected to an app. So this is an automatic way to achieve temperature monitoring.

Injecting Chair

If you are looking for an injecting chair, I have 2 options depending on your space and clientele

The Spa Numa Radi + Swivel is compact and so pretty. It has all the functionality with a weight capacity of 385 lbs.*

The Spa Numa Medici Heavy Duty has a bit bigger footprint. It’s still beautiful and very functional and has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. This is a sturdier option.*

List of the supplies needed for botox injection links from this article:

mini-freezable ice pack
ammonia tab
church key
Alcohols swabs
0.5 ml insulin syringes
0.3 ml insulin syringes
Disposable headbands
Needle clippers
White eyeliner pencil
Lidocaine topical
Beauty bar
Face wipes
Dental bibs
Mini Right Light
Travel Cooler
Neewer Ring Light
Temperature monitoring

Disclaimer: These are examples of products used for botox injections. This information is for educational purposes for trained medical providers only. Cost of goods is an important business concept, but can only be implemented with proper credentials and training. This article contains affiliate links (*).

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