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Book your free mentoring call with Cassie and talk about your specific situation and goals. No topic is off-limits! Having a support system and friends in the industry can be such an advantage when getting started.

Free 30-minute Mentoring Call with Cassie

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Why do I offer these mentoring calls?

It wasn’t that long ago that I was doing the weird hours, sick patients, and call schedule! While I did enjoy my work and co-workers, I found myself counting the hours and some days minutes, and seconds until it was over! I just told myself that this is why it’s called a job! Because no one wakes in the morning and bounces out of bed to go to work. And the people who have that expectation are in for a life of misery!

And then I started a side-hustle doing Botox after a good friend revealed to me that she received Botox treatments herself. I was surprised because I had a negative preconceived notion about aesthetic treatments and was generally uneducated about them. I was surprised that my friend who I immensely respected, and who looked beautiful and very natural was a consumer of Botox. And the more I learned about Botox and Fillers, the more I thought I would be really good at that. I loved anatomy and had more than a decade of procedural experience as the “needle expert”.

What Can You Gain from a Mentoring Call With Cassie?

My mentoring call will provide you with the insight and support you need to decide if this is the right path for you

We will discuss your questions about getting started in the aesthetics field. I have spoken with over a hundred NPs who are looking to start their own journey and take control of their career. Some of the most common questions I address are,
“How do I find a medical director?”
“What other services should I offer besides Botox?”
“Should I start just mobile or rent an office?”
“What is my scope of practice in my particular state?”
“Should I buy a piece of equipment?”
“What class should I take, and should I take a filler class?”
“Is the market over-saturated?”
“How do I get my first clients?”
“How much should I charge?”

My First Steps

I researched which beginner course to take obsessively. I immediately realized there was a big disparity in the courses available. It was very difficult to get a clear picture of what was included and what could be expected out of each course. So I made a comparison chart for myself. I called every single big national company available and asked the same questions to compare apples to apples. I ultimately decided that a big-box course wouldn’t offer the quality or reliability I was seeking out. You can see the comparison chart by signing up for our email list! I decided to take a course with Aura Academy based out of Portland, OR from a fellow CRNA Suzanne Jagger. This was a high-quality course that set my journey out on a strong footing.

Suzanne became my friend and mentor. And one major benefit to attending a smaller boutique Botox course is the continuing support you can access from your instructor. And the access to a mentor has accelerated my progress exponentially. That mentorship has made all the difference in the way I approach teaching my students. All of my students who graduate from my Basic Botox Course have continuing support and access to me for questions.

How I Started

I started by renting a room from my personal esthetician 1-2 days a week on evenings, weekends, and off-days. I built up my Botox clientele through social media guerilla marketing. And I continued learning via every avenue I could find. I realized there really were zero guides or “how-tos” for getting started on your own in aesthetics. So I started injectablesedu.com. You can find out more of my “whys” for starting this website on my about page. This industry is not the most welcoming overall, and I’m trying to do my part to change that for the next injectors entering into the field.

My Giveback Mentoring in Aesthetics Calls

I choose to spend my time connecting with new and aspiring because of both my experiences of feeling isolated and blocked from the aesthetics community and from the kindness and mentorship I found. I cherish the networking and friendships I’ve made all over the country from these calls. Many people I’ve spoken with just need that little extra boost to get started. Many people are looking for that first beginner class and wonder if my course is the best first building block for them.

The Why of Mentoring

My main goal with mentoring calls is to provide value and support. The more qualified, successful injectors we have in aesthetics, the more accepted these procedures will be in the community. The fear and stigma that comes along with Botox and fillers is something we are all working to counteract. Education and superb service and skill is the way we accomplish that goal! Go ahead and schedule your call at https://calendly.com/injectables-edu/free-30-minute-consultation. Make sure to read as much as possible on injectablesedu.com to be as prepared as possible and make the most of your call!

Don’t Take it from Me

Cassie gave me the confidence and know-how to get my business off the ground. She has truly been a mentor for me in this journey. She answers the questions that come up while trying to open accounts, deal with clients, and so much more. I wasn’t sure what to expect from our call but I was quickly put at ease. I ended up taking the Injectables EDU Botox Course, starting my own practice, and am now working part-time in the hospital and part-time running my aesthetics office. I’m so appreciative to have a friend in the business!

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