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Austyn P. Belle Isle: My Journey Part 2

Hello there! Austyn P. Belle Isle (Austyn @Spa_Lumia) here again to tell you a little bit about starting an aesthetics business.

As I mentioned before in my first post, becoming qualified to perform aesthetic injections had been on my radar for several years. I made the leap to enroll in a course in 2020. I had long dreamed of owning a med spa, and injectables seemed like a natural way to make that happen as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

Several years ago, I started paying attention to other APRNs who were working in aesthetics and/or providing training courses. Among these fine professionals, Suzanne Jagger of Aura Aesthetics Academy stood out to me. She built her own injection practice from the ground up and was offering courses at various locations for an intensive workshop for neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Reviews of Suzanne’s course were great, and she consistently demonstrated sound logic and well-researched answers in her interactions with potential trainees and new graduates of her course.

Then, I spoke with several providers from my home state of Missouri who completed her course, and they all had wonderful things to say.

When I was ready to take the plunge and invest in a course, Aura Aesthetics Academy exceeded my expectations. I booked the course and jumped on a plane to Chicago for my birthday weekend. My 36th trip around the sun concluded as I pored over my study materials. I was thrilled to be learning something new and creative!

open white notebook near pencil and eyeglasses beside laptop computer on white surface
Aura Aesthetics Academy course for neurotoxin and dermal filler injections.

Options to Consider

I enrolled in the course, unsure of what my next step would be. Was this really something I wanted to move into in a big way? There I was in the prime of my career, with two school-aged kids and a great deal of peace…did I really want to shake things up?

Aesthetic practice could be a means to explore my desire for entreprenuership that has been growing less quiet as the years have passed…

–Dare I say it? 

This, THIS is my midlife crisis! It’s not a car, a boat, a torrid affair, or an escape to an isolated yurt (going off the grid to find myself is what I always imagined would be my mid life cliche). 

starting an aesthetics business

Meeting the Legal Requirements

I realized I wanted to set up an injection practice right away if only to inject myself and a few close friends. In the state of Missouri, that requires a collaborative agreement with a physician. However, the ins and outs of collaborative agreement requirements vary by state statute.

I was lucky enough to get connected with our dear friend Cassie Lane, of  A fellow Aura Academy graduate, Cassie was very familiar with the legal requirements of starting an aesthetics business in her own state of Virginia and was able to provide me with some very useful information to get me on the right track in Missouri.

The next step was getting my legal ducks in a row. The more I delved into the artistry and science of the world of aesthetics, the more obvious it became that I would need to jump in full force to fulfill my goals.

Constructing a Collaborative Practice Agreement

Collaborative Agreement
In some states, a Collaborative Agreement with a physician is required for APRNs to provide aesthetic injections. It is a legally binding document that supports APRN practice.

I started down the path of forming a collaborative relationship with a physician. At that point, I realized aesthetics was going to be more than a hobby for me. I wanted this to be a real part of my career. By acquiring a new, creative skill that I enjoy, I could help people feel more confident, inside and out. I was all in.

For me, the next logical step was to acquire and renovate a brick-and-mortar space. And, having an office was essential to expanding my treatment offerings and creating an ideal environment for aesthetic treatments.

As it turns out, my midlife crisis is an 1100 sq. ft. office space in where I deliver the treatments that will help clients meet their goals and improve their confidence. It is an extension of my home.

–Austyn P. Belle Isle, Lumia Med Spa

One year later, I am so glad that I made this choice.

A Fresh Perspective on Starting an Aesthetics Business

Working in medical aesthetics has been a joy. I typically work 4-5 hours in the evening after a full day of anesthesia and walk away with energy to spare.

starting an aesthetics business
Aesthetic injections are used to optimize the aging process.

I injected on a mobile basis for a few months as the rest of the pieces moved into place. I opened my office space in June 2021. Over the past year, I have developed relationships with fellow injectors. This has allowed me to provide support and encouragement for others looking to add this skill set to their practice. I have invested my time, energy, and savings into something that I believe in and deeply enjoy.

starting an aesthetics business
Many miles were logged in the name of mobile Botox injections as I developed a clientele.

Looking Forward in Aesthetics

By late 2021, I made the transition to delivering anesthesia 8-10 days a month and expanded my hours at Lumia Med Spa. I will always be a CRNA, and I will always love anesthesia. That will never change.

Where aesthetics will lead, I do not know. I do know is that I am in love with this field, in love with the art and science of my practice, and in love with helping others feel great about themselves, inside and out. This is my home.

Know Your Why.

It’s okay not to have your plan all mapped out. I’ve found that the most beautiful parts of life are often unexpected. Continuing to surprise myself keeps things fresh.

Do you know your why? Which aspects of aesthetics interests you?  What are your goals?

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