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Injectors to follow on Instagram. Get your first clients. And More.

This is the last of a series of four blog posts interviewing Suzanne Jagger, CRNA, APRN, owner of Aura Aesthetics Med Spa and Aura Academy. Today we are talking about what injectors to follow on Instagram and much more. Please see more about Suzanne in my previous posts, How much can I make opening a botox business, and on her website at . Suzanne openly and clearly provided so much insider information that anyone looking to get into this business would benefit from

Suzanne Jagger

What are the basic Botox and filler injections to learn first?

I asked Suzanne, “What are the most basic injections?” Here’s what she said:

“Glabella, frontalis and crow’s feet are the primary injections for Botox. These basic procedures cover 80-90% of people. Lip flip is also easy to do. Bread and butter.

How to build a cheek and how to do a basic lip are the basics of dermal fillers. That is it. That is not to say that these are the easiest injections, but they are the most in-demand. They use the same techniques as anything else in the face, but these are the most common. Cannulas are the next step and require an advanced course.”

Who are injectors to follow on Instagram and YouTube to learn about Botox?

In a sea of information out there, who do we look at? I asked Suzanne, “Who do you  like to follow on social media in this space?” Here’s what she recommended:

“A lot of injectors don’t want to divulge their secrets, so what you find on these sites is kind of just to get an idea. Eighty percent of videos you find are bad, which are also helpful to watch that and say ‘I would never do it like that.’ Most good ones are fee for service. That being said,  good ones to follow are:

Instagram: The Consultant Clinic, Botox Bunny, The Nurse Injector, Juvaderm Julie, Botox Josh, Julie Horn, All the manufacturers: Allergan, Galderma, MERZ, Prollenium, Evolus

YouTube: Australia The Victorian Cosmetic Institute

Website: Skin by Lovely (Portland and Santa Monica locations)

What networking contacts does someone starting a Botox business need?

As the phrase goes, “it’s not what you know…” The aesthetics industry is not the easiest to break into, as it seems quite shrouded in secrecy! I asked Suzanne, “What sort of networking contacts are recommended to start a botox business?” Here’s what she said:

“Everyone needs a few people to refer to. Your favorite plastic surgeon for face and body (they should be different) and Oculoplastic surgeon. It’s great to meet with them so you they know you are referring.  Keep their cards to hand out. The people who are going to need those referrals are going to require a lot of product, so I often send them to a consultation with a surgeon first so they get an idea of the end game. This sets more realistic expectations of what can be achieved with injectables. They might decide ‘I don’t want to have surgery, so let’s do what we can here’.

Also, you are going to need a big center to refer to for things out of your wheelhouse. Spas like this with lasers, etc. are often run by a plastic surgeon. Usually you’re small potatoes to them and they will hopefully send your people back. You will want to have a more skilled injector for cases that are more complicated than you are comfortable with. Also this person might be a person that you can call in case of an emergency. “

What are the most difficult injections to perform?

While all neurotoxin and filler injections take skill, some are riskier and more difficult to get right. The anatomical considerations of the face including vasculature, nerves, and necessary-function muscles makes getting some looks tricky.

The number one most difficult is tear troughs which is done with a canula, and lips are very challenging, but if you can get good at that, it is a technique that you can use on other areas of the face.

Is a provider ready to inject Botox on a real patient after just a weekend course?

I asked Suzanne, “When are you ready to inject Botox? Is an 8 hr. course really enough to start injecting patients?” I have to admit I’m skeptical that a weekend course can do the heavy lifting to prepare a novice. Here’s what she thinks (sorry it’s a bit anesthesia heavy in the analogies, but I think everyone will get the idea!):

“I equate taking a basic course to when you came out of nursing school. You have the foundational knowledge to build on. And it takes a little bit of practice. The key (as an educator) is not to overwhelm people with information. This is where it is important to understand where a clinician is starting from. Keeping that in mind, taking a CRNA and sending them out the door after an 8 hr. class is a totally different beast than sending a non-proceduralist who is not used to using their hands in this way.


I find most of my CRNAs are able to go out and start injecting with my class only. The key is I keep it simple. You start out doing the 3 procedures which are the most popular which is glabellar, frontalis, and crow’s feet. And I give them a simple way to do that.

Just like when you learned how to do a basic induction, you didn’t change that for a long time. And it’s a fine anesthetic. It’s the same with Botox, I can teach you to do a fine Botox. That is to say, someone who leaves my class can provide an entry level, novice, yet competent neurotoxin treatment. Then you start refining it further. I inform you about the more advanced techniques out there, so when you’re ready to take it on, you can watch more videos, more classes, call me to do a one-on-one.  This is what you start out doing and this is how you grow. You build on the basics. It’s not rocket science it’s just a new skill you’re just adding on to the foundation you’ve already built.

Dermal fillers

Performing dermal fillers is an art. It’s taking a piece of clay and forming it. There is more of an eye and experience required for this skill. It takes time. That being said, I still find the CRNAs walking out the door of my class are competent to perform the limited basic injections I cover in my course.

How do I get my first clients? How do I get more clients?

I asked Suzanne, “How do you start you practice and get first patients. How important is word of mouth vs marketing?” Here’s what she told me:

“This is the million dollar question in aesthetics. When you’re small the only way to do it is word of mouth, building organically. As you build you need to have a website, Facebook and Instagram. You need all three. Instagram is like flipping through Cosmo magazine, it’s like a shopping tool and verifies your credibility. Here they are looking at your before and after photos and checking out your vibe. “Likes” mean nothing, less that 10% of big practices’ business comes from Instagram. But where does it go? If people are interested from there what do they do? Do they call? No they click.


Next, they need to click to a website, which needs to be a landing page which is a specific page used to drive conversions to calling or into a clicking. Most of the time this means booking online. A website is the base of your marketing pyramid. Social media builds on top. The whole point of Instagram and Facebook is to drive people to your website to make an appointment or purchase goods.  There’s no point to do Facebook and Instagram If you’re not going to have a website landing page to drive them to.


Facebook is awesome in that 90% of conversions come from Facebook. As much as people say ‘I don’t use FB.’ That’s great and all, but if you’re looking for what is converting to sales online, its Facebook. Facebook is 35-40 and older and Instagram is 35-40 and younger. But, Instagram is still not a big driver of commerce, it just isn’t. Even the biggest name-the plastics guru who is known for Instagram put out that she is only getting about 6% of business from Instagram.


Lastly, marketing is all about getting conversions to bookings. Which means your website needs to be able to be found in a search by using SEO (search engine optimization) throughout your webpage. You need to offer online booking which is most easily done via WordPress developed site, or even better, built from the ground up by a web developer. Mobile friendly is important-everyone looks at things on their phones.

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