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Botox Business Start-Up Costs

As part of our Advanced Practice Providers Guide to Starting a Botox Business training course, Injectables EDU walks injectors through the steps to understand, build, and grow a successful aesthetics business. One of the most crucial aspects of launching your business is understanding exactly what you’ll need – including your botox business start-up costs.

So, let’s break down the typical costs incurred to start an aesthetics practice, shall we?

The juice is definitely worth the squeeze, but you’ll want to plan to make a sizable upfront investment to start a botox business. You need money to make money, right? That was definitely my experience when starting my aesthetics business. I’ve rounded and generalized my personal up-front expenses so that you have an idea of what to expect – keep in mind that exact costs will differ for everyone. 

Pro tip – work smarter, not harder. Here are two things to consider that may help with the costs of starting your Botox business:

  • Your course may be reimbursed by your job if you have continuing education money available to you. Look into your employer’s policy and take advantage of any opportunities at hand. (Tip: The Injectables EDU online course is pre-approved for 6.35 credit hours through the AANP. Sign up here today!)
  • All of the below expenses are write-offs on your taxes, as part of your LLC!

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. 

Here are my start-up expenses summarized – the money I spent before injecting a single patient:

  • Neurotoxin and business course: $2200
  • Fillers course: $1700
  • Travel expenses for a course: $250
  • Textbooks: $300
  • Malpractice insurance (1 year): $2400
  • Lawyer fees to draw up a collaborative agreement: $3000
  • Filing state and federal LLC: $350
  • Website creation with Bluehost: $350
  • Product-only locked refrigerator: $100
  • Product travel cooler with lock: $25
  • Start-up supplies: $300
  • Hyaluronic acid filler reversal: $350

Grand total: $10,975

botox business start up costs

Other considerations

There are a few additional costs that are not included in this list. Make sure to review these and factor them in when you’re calculating your start-up expenses:

  • Collaborating physician fee: While contractually I’m not able to disclose the exact amount that I paid to collaborate with a physician, this is definitely something you’ll want to keep in mind. This can be either a monthly flat fee or a percentage that you’ll pay. It’s not necessarily an upfront cost, but it’s important to consider when looking at profit. Read more tips on collaborating with a physician on the blog
  • Neurotoxin and Filler costs: This will vary based on how many patients you are seeing. Since this is a recurring cost, I did not include it in the upfront cost list, but it will be a significant part of your expenses. A 100-unit vial of Botox costs about $600 and a 1cc syringe of filler starts at about $250 up to about $450. Again this cost will factor into your overall profit.
  • Rental space: If you decide to include dermal filler injections in your practice, you will need a space to do this. HA fillers are a sterile procedure that should not be done in someone’s home. You can use your own office, rent a room in a salon, or something different, but you’ll want to keep this in mind. This cost can vary greatly based on where you live, etc. 

Final thoughts on your botox business start-up costs:

  • Expect the unexpected. Even as I review these lists, I’m sure there’s something I’ve left off. As a general rule of thumb, be prepared to spend about $10k to get your little side business up and running. 
  • Patience is a virtue. By the time you factor in the products you’ll need to purchase, educational expenses, and the cost of a collaborating physician, it’s unlikely that you’ll see much (if any) profit in your first year. But don’t worry – in time, you’ll build your business with more clients and more income. 
  • Be realistic. You can make money in this growing industry (and it’s a lot of fun to be a part of), but it’s important to understand what you’ll be investing in before you begin. I’ve not talked to any entrepreneur who said their path was easy, and this business is no exception. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though – learn more about how much money you can expect to make with botox and filler injections here

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