Botox™ Book: A Practical Guide to Botulinum Toxin Procedures

Rebecca Smalls book
Botulinum Toxin Procedures by Rebecca Small

by Rebecca Small and Dalano Hoang

If you are interested in a great starter botox book that is easy to reference, this is the book for you! Buy it here. If you are looking for what supplies you need to get started actually injecting botox.

Botox Book - Table of Contents
Botox Book – Table of Contents

Layout and basics

  • The first section of the book is an array of anatomy drawings showing superficial and deep musculature, superficial wrinkles and folds, surface anatomy, and functional anatomy of the face.
  • The second section gives a basic break down of skin aging, the history of botulinum toxin, mechanism of action, contraindications, equipment needed, reconstitution of Botox, the consultation, pre-procedure checklist, anesthesia, aftercare, and complications. She covers all this in about 13 pages. It is very basic, clear, and to the point. Each topic gets about a paragraph or 2 of coverage.
  • The third section breaks each procedure into a chapter. In each chapter it breaks the procedure down into sections: indications, anatomy, patient assessment, eliciting contraction of muscles to be treated, treatment goals, reconstitution, starting doses, anesthesia, equipment for treatment, procedure overview, technique, results, duration of effects, follow-ups, complications and management, combining treatments, and pricing. In all, each procedure chapter is about 10 pages each. There are plenty of pictures in there depicting safety zones, anatomy, injection spots and techniques, and results. This section is the meat of the book.
  • The last part of the book is Appendixes including a reconstitution table, starting doses by site, Dysport starting doses by site, aesthetic intake form, patient before and after treatment hand out, consent forms, procedure note, and some supply sources.
Botox Book - Inside Cover Access
Botox Book – Inside Cover Access

Highlights of this botox book

  • Geared toward non-core providers. It does not bog the reader down in minutia or assume a high-level base knowledge of terminology or basic anatomy.
  • Straight-forward and clear descriptions
  • Lots of pictures of the procedures being performed as well as before & afters and complications
  • Great for review and reference
  • Very easy to read, process, and review-the entire book. For example it can easily be read in a day or two
  • Super helpful anatomy drawings and great pictures
  • Online videos bring to life the descriptions and techniques in the text
  • Online printable versions of appendices such as consents, procedure notes, patient hand outs available
  • Easy to reference a certain procedure and skip procedures you’re not interested in
Botox Book - Frown Lines - Chapter 1 Example by Rebecca Small, M.D.
Botox Book – Frown Lines – Chapter 1 Example by Rebecca Small, M.D.


  • It will not replace a neurotoxins course
  • A bit scant on nitty gritty details
  • Does not give much information on Botox competitors (Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau) such as dosing and product comparison
  • Book is copyrighted in 2012 so newer products likely not covered due to that
Botox Book - Frown Lines - Chapter 2 Example by Rebecca Small, M.D.
Botox Book – Frown Lines – Chapter 2 Example by Rebecca Small, M.D.

Takeaways of this botox book

I highly recommend this botox book. It is clear and concise. Although this book it not the most in-depth you will find out there, it is great for the beginner. Similarly, I can see this being the book that you pull out most frequently for a quick review or reference. Online resources are great and complement the book. Overall a wonderful text with beautifully detailed pictures. Go ahead and buy this bad boy here.

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